Serve in Redeemer

We want to joyfully use our gifts and talents to help build Redeemer

Alex Dimas

Music Ministry

Our music team seeks to use the gift of music to worship God, edify one another, and encourage congregational singing.

We are passionate to cultivate the diverse styles and gifts that God has given people in our congregation. If you think Redeemer is the place where God wants you to commit, we would love to consider how you can be a part of the team.



Welcome Ministry

Each Sunday, guests come to visit Redeemer for the first time. Our welcome ministry exists to make sure they feel honored and served.

If you want to make Redeemer a place where people feel known, cared for, and loved, then this is the team for you.

Serving commitment is one Sunday per month.



Hospitality Ministry

Our hospitality teams seek to create a welcoming environment for those who come through our doors. Our aim is show the love and generosity of Christ through practical acts of service.

These teams include coffee, communion set-up, and facilities.



Production Ministry

Our production teams ensure that as a congregation we are able to behold Christ and respond to him in worship at our Sunday gatherings.

These teams include audio, projection, and design. If you have experience in these areas or are willing to learn, we would love to have you participate.



Children’s Ministry

Our Children’s Ministry exists as a place for children to hear about the story of redemption and learn how to be disciples of Jesus. We view children’s ministry (CM) as an important opportunity to invest in the next generation and obey Jesus’ command to make disciples!

Redeemer members with children in CM are required to serve but we invite all Redeemer members to consider helping in this vital ministry - get ready to get messy with cheerios, coloring, and singing as we share the gospel with our kids!

Serving is one Sunday per month for a year.

(Note: All potential volunteers must be members and go through a background check before being able to serve)



Serve Our City

We want to be known for our generosity—with time, money, and resources—towards those in our local community.



Engage Arlington

Engage Arlington is a new initiative of Redeemer that equips and connects our members to opportunities that serve our neighbors here in Arlington, VA.

Our mission is to "practice" gospel living in such a way that brings personal conversion, community formation, social justice and cultural renewal to Arlington.

Ways to get involved coming soon…



English as a Second Language (ESL)

This ministry practically implements our heart and ministry to reach the over 80 countries represented in South Arlington. We offer English Classes throughout the year and invite anyone in our surrounding community to volunteer. Volunteers from the Redeemer community lead, coordinate, teach, and support this outreach.




OneU is Redeemer’s college campus ministry, currently based on American University’s campus. They exist to make disciples by planting local-church based campus ministries across the DC area that impact the campus, strengthen the local church, and reach the nations.